About Us

TVReviews.co.uk (part of JDJ Media Ltd) was launched in 2015 to try to help people (quickly) locate the best televisions available in the UK and avoid second-rate products.

We offer

selection of buying guides which explain the functions and features to look out for when choosing a new TV.

 Detailed reviews (HD Ready, Full HD and Ultra HD) of the TVs that we think you should take a look at.

 We also offer a list of our Best Buys and recommendations in various categories.

And finally we compare prices across all the major UK online retailers so you can see who’s offering the best deal on the model you’re interested in.

We do our best to make sure the site is as helpful and informative as possible but please feel free to contact us if you have feedback. We also love to read your reviews so please use the comments section at the bottom of each review to share your experiences with our audience.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy using the site!