Panasonic TX-24C300B Review

Panasonic TX-24C300B 720p HD Ready LED 24 Inch TV with Freeview HD
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  • Panasonic TX-24C300B 720p HD Ready LED 24 Inch TV with Freeview HD
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  • Last modified: May 2, 2016
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Review Summary:

If you are looking for a small TV that provides all of the basic features that you need for HD viewing, then the Panasonic TX-24C300B is a good value. It does not have any of the fancy features like Smart TV or screen mirroring, but it offers quality viewing and it does come with the built-in Freeview tuner and a USB media player.

The Panasonic TX-24C300B is a smaller TV in the HD Ready class, so it can make for a good second TV for use in places like the bedroom or as a TV for the kids. It is a fairly basic TV model that does not come with a wide range of features, but it does come with everything that you need for enjoying HD content.

This TV might not be Full HD, but at a screen size of 24-inches, you probably are not going to notice much of a difference. The picture quality is still very sharp, it offers a wide range of colors and the screen delivers a high level of contrast. Additionally, it has a 200 Hz processing rate, so the onscreen motion is fluid and clear.

For the size and price, this model does provide respectable sound quality. It isn’t going to compare with a TV that has a home cinema system hooked up to it, but as a TV that you use in the bedroom, the sound should be more than satisfying. It has two 8W speakers and it comes with Dolby Digital sound processing. If you want to upgrade the sound experience, you do also have the option to connect an external system.

As for the features and options on the TX-24C300B, the selection includes the basic stuff that you would expect. It comes equipped with a Freeview HD tuner to give the user a nice selection of channels right from the start, and you have a range of connectivity options to use things like DVD players and gaming systems. Along with that, this TV does have a built-in USB media player that provides playback for videos, pictures and music.

For the most part, this TV has all of the connectivity options that you could need. It has two HDMI connections. One is a standard HDMI and the other is ARC capable. You also have the component and composite inputs, a SCART connection and a headphone style jack for audio out. As a note, this TV does not have a digital audio out, so the only options for hooking up an external sound system are the headphone jack or the ARC HDMI.

Being a fairly simple TV, this model is very easy to get set up and easy to use. Whether you use the stand or wall mount, the installation is simple and the different features are easy to access using the included remote. Even with the USB playback, users should have no problem navigating through the menus and accessing the content that they want.


720p HD Ready TV
Good picture quality for the HD Ready range
200 Hz processing rate
Comes with Freeview HD tuner
1 ARC enabled HDMI input
Playback from USB
Electronic program guide
Dolby Digital Plus
Ambient Sensor


No connection for optical digital audio

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