Samsung UE32J5100 Review

Samsung UE32J5100 32
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  • Picture Quality
    Editor: 88%
  • Sound Quality
    Editor: 84%
  • Features
    Editor: 83%
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    Editor: 86%
  • Value
    Editor: 89%

Review Summary:

The Samsung UE32J5100 32-inch LED TV is a respectable base-level unit. You aren’t going to be overwhelmed by the features that are included, but things like Smart and 3D do cost money and this model is a bargain at about £200. With this model, you get a nice TV that provides great picture quality and it does this for a very reasonable price.

As a 32-inch LED TV, the Samsung UE32J5100 has good picture quality and it can work well for a range of different consumers. It does not have 3D, Smart or any of the versatile features that you would look for from more expensive TVs, but it is a solid basic model for people that are just looking for a good viewing experience.

Starting with the picture quality, you get 1080p Full HD resolution that will provide great detail and clarity from a range of different sources. This model is LED backlit and uses the Samsung HyperReal picture engine to provide a fantastic range of colours and movement that is smooth and realistic even during scenes that are heavy on the action.

The onboard sound system from the UE32J5100 is nothing to brag about, but it does outperform many of the competing models in regard to sound. It has two 10W speakers and Dolby Digital sound, so the viewer will have no problem hearing what they are watching. Like most of the newer TVs on the market, the sound does lack depth and range. It could certainly meet the needs of some consumers, but there are those who will want to connect this unit to an external sound system.

Click here to read 290 buyer reviews on – 89% of reviewers gave this model 4 or 5 stars.

This model offers a fairly basic set of features. It has an integrated Freeview HD tuner to start the consumer off with a nice range of standard and high-definition viewing and it also has the ability to play media from a USB drive.

In addition to the Freeview tuner and the media player, you also get a range of ports to connect things like DVD and Blu-ray players, gaming systems, tuners or the possible internet-streaming device. This LED TV comes with two HDMI ports, a SCART plug and plugs for composite and component video. With only two HDMI plugs, the consumer may want to consider how many devices that they plan to connect through this means.

For looks, this is a small 32-inch TV with a nice look; it has a nice slim bezel and a very small profile. It can be set up using the provided TV stand or you can buy a bracket and mount this unit on the wall. As a second TV without the need for a whole ton of features, this can be a great option for putting in the bedroom or in a second entertainment area.


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The pros and cons of this model are


Full HD 1080p
PQI 200
HyperReal picture engine
Great image clarity
Freeview HD tuner
Plays media from USB
2 HDMI ports


It is a little light on the features, but that might be just what you are looking for

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