Samsung UE48JU6500 Review

Samsung UE48JU6500 Smart Ultra HD 4k 48
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  • Samsung UE48JU6500 Smart Ultra HD 4k 48" Curved LED TV
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  • Last modified: October 14, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Samsung UE48JU6500 delivers one of the best viewing experience that you will find on the current market. It has 4k UHD resolution and LED backlighting to produce a high-level of contrast for a truly impressive picture quality. With the Smart TV, the consumer also gets a great range of entertainment options and some of these even include content providers that do offer some 4k content. When it comes to picture quality and features, this LED TV has a lot to offer.

With 4k HD viewing being the newest and highest resolution that a consumer can get for their TV, there are a lot of people looking to get in on this next generation technology. For a set that will take you into this next realm of HD, consumers may want to check out the Samsung UE48JU6500 48-inch Curved LED Smart TV. It has the 4K technology, advanced LED backlighting and a range of features and functions that consumers should love.

This 4k model from Samsung offers a viewing experience that is absolutely stunning. You have the 4k resolution for 4x the deatail of a Full HD model, LED backlighting with local dimming and UHD upscaling to improve the quality of images from sources that are Full HD or lower. With the curved screen and dynamic contrast control, the viewer gets incredible depth and an experience that is noticeably more immersive than any standard HD TV. It produces colours that are vivid and true to life and it handles motion without any problems liking blurring or jumping.

As for 4k content, the consumer will not find a whole lot of options that use the full potential of this screen. Currently, there are no channels that broadcast in 4k and only a few of the online content services offer shows and movies in 4k. However, the upscaling does do a good job of converting lower-resolution content and bringing it close to the 4k standard. Even without a 4k source, viewers will notice the increased picture quality that the UE48JU6500 provides.

The sound quality on this model could best be described as mediocre. It is far from the worst onboard sound that you will find in a TV, but it is also far from the best. It has two 10W speakers on-board for a level of sound that will definitely get the job done, but if you want audio quality to match the quality of the viewing, then you are going to need to invest in a home cinema.

Along with the amazing picture quality, this LED TV also boasts a nice set of features. It has the Samung Smart TV service for all of your favorite internet content and it does have apps for services like Netflix and Amazon which will be important if you want access to true 4k content. It also has the web browser, screen sharing with mobile devices, true multitasking, On Demand, TV catch-up and features that can personalize the experience.

In addition to that, you also get a built-in Freeview HD tuner and enough plugs and ports for all of your components. This model comes with four HDMI plugs, three USB ports, one component input and one input for composite. With all of these connnections, the built-in Freeview and the Smart TV, the consumer will have no shortage of options for content on this versatile television.


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The pros and cons of this model are


4k UHD screen resolution
Dynamic LED backlighting
UHD upscaling
Fast quad-core processor
Curved Screen
Smart TV
Voice controls
Freeview HD tuner
4 HDMI ports
Plays media from USB
Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound
Connects with mobile devices for two-way screen sharing
Connects through Wi-Fi and Ethernet


Limited amount of 4k content to choose from

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