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pics of 3 smart tvs

Size is normally one of the key factors in choosing a new TV. If you already know (roughly) what size TV you want click the relevant link below to view reviews of televisions in that size range. Models currently range from about 19″ all the way up to 75″. That’s not to say you can’t find larger, but then you’re really getting into home cinema territory.

If you’re not quite sure what size you need, why not check out our buying guide here as there is actually more to it than you might think. The screen resolution and how far away you intend to sit from the unit are key factors in getting the best viewing experience. Find out more…

picture of a tv screen with the size range 19 inches to 31 inches displayed

Small Televisions – 19″ to 31″

Ideal second TV for the bedroom or kitchen

picture of a television screen with the range 32 to 42 inches displayed on it

Medium Sized Televisions – 32″ to 42″

Perfect for the average living room

picture of a screen with the range 43 inches to 55 inches shown on it

Large Televisions – 43″ to 54″

Getting into boys’ toys territory

picture of a tv with the size 55 inches plus on it

XL Televisions – 55″ or more…

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